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Your Local Contractor in Addison, TX

House with metal roof

Silverleaf Construction & Property Restoration is the company to call when you need Addison contractor services. We go above and beyond to put our 30-plus years of industry expertise to work for you.

We also work with both Addison residential and commercial customers and look forward to partnering with you to offer high-quality service.

Addison Remodeling Experts

If you are considering remodeling your Addison home, you need a reliable pro to handle the job for you. One of our most widely requested services is our kitchen remodeling:

  • Home improvements like this will make the room look better, and that indirectly improves the look of the overall home. Even if you're not much of a culinary master, your kitchen can still look inviting and cozy.
  • Renovating your kitchen can help you improve the function. Remodeling isn't just about enhancing the visual aesthetics. Add more cabinets for storage, enhance the lighting for better visibility, or add appliances and fixtures that will improve the user experience.
  • Updating and upgrading the kitchen will increase the property value of your home. That makes this project a wise investment and not just a frivolous expense.
  • Set your kitchen up to be greener. You can now implement features in your kitchen that will make it Eco-friendlier, in addition to being user-friendly.

Bathroom Remodeling for Your Home

Don't overlook the potential your bathroom holds as well. Too many homeowners still treat this as nothing more than a utilitarian space.

However, with the right renovation work, this can be a room you can actually enjoy and relax in. There are so many upgrades you can include now that will modernize your bathroom, no matter what your budget may be.

If you're in search of an Addison remodeling contractor to provide you with exceptional results, contact our dedicated team right now. We take this line of work seriously and you benefit from our work ethic.

If you’re looking for a professional contractor in Addison, please call us at 214-789-4516 or complete our online request form.