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Energy Efficient windowsReal quick…Here are seven reasons to install energy efficient Fort Worth windows:

  • Save energy
  • Save money from using less heating or AC
  • Add to appearance of the house
  • Protect a home’s interior furnishings from fading
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Make outside noise less audible
  • Insulate your home better, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer

With reasons like those, it’s no wonder energy efficient Fort Worth windows are all the rage. If your Fort Worth windows need to be repaired or even replaced, consider installing energy efficient Fort Worth windows.

How exactly do I pick out energy efficient Fort Worth windows?

When picking out energy efficient windows, you want to look for windows that are Energy Star certified.

Energy Star was developed by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. The government program’s purpose is to help individuals and organizations protect the environment through energy efficiency. The standard does not just apply to windows but to other products as well.

For the purpose of this article, we will be taking a look at windows that are Energy Star certified. What makes windows Energy Star certified? Any Energy Star product including Fort Worth windows must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label. The NFRC tests the insulating quality of the entire window.
  • Be 40% more efficient than the product usually requires under most building codes.
  • Reduce energy bills by up to 15%.

Customers cannot just rely on the Energy Star label to pick out a good energy efficient window though. An important consideration for consumers is to select windows that are appropriate for the area of the country in which they live. Energy Star labels windows three ways:

  • “N” for northern climates
  • “S” for southern climates
  • “C” for central climates

The three types of Fort Worth windows are designed to address the heating or cooling concerns in each climate: mostly heating for the Northern Zone, mostly cooling for the Southern Zone, and both heating and cooling for the Central North Zone and Central South Zone.

How Energy Efficient Fort Worth Windows Improve the House

Aside from saving energy, energy efficient windows are particularly fantastic in states that can get extremely cold. These windows work to make homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which becomes particularly evident in states with very cold winters and states with extremely hot summers. With these windows insulating well, homeowners spend less on heating and air conditioning bills. Energy efficient windows also improve the house due to their attractive appearance, though not all energy efficient windows are the same. Homeowners have choices concerning main parts of the window, such as the frame, panes, and spacers.

Parts of the Fort Worth Window

The frame

Look for Fort Worth windows that have fiberglass, wood composites, or vinyl because these materials are better at insulating. One negative aspect of using wood material for framing is that wood can be difficult to maintain, often needing painting after a few years. Thus, if you choose to frame your windows using wood material, it’s advised to get some exterior vinyl or aluminum cladding to cover the wood frame.

Window Panes

If wondering whether having multiple window panes is preferred to having one window pane, remember the phrase ‘Two is Better than One’ or ‘The More the Merrier.’ Two panes of glass with space in between filled with air or krypton or argon insulates better than just one pane of glass does. Certain Energy Star Fort Worth windows have windows with three or more panes of glass, which do the best job of insulating and have greatest the impact resistance as well as improved energy efficiency. Another benefit of multiple panes is that they keep outside noise out better than a single glass pane does.

Low-E glass coating

Low-E coating is a special coating on the Fort Worth window that is great to have. It reflects infrared light to keep heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter. It also reflects ultraviolet light to protect a home’s interior furnishings from fading.

Warm Edge Spacers

Warm edge spacers are great for reducing heat flow and preventing condensation. Made of foam, steel, fiberglass, or vinyl, they keep a window’s glass panes the right distance apart.

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