What’s the Best Ceiling for your Remodeled Dallas, Fort Worth Room?

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When remodeling any Dallas room you should remember that the ceiling is the finishing touch that crowns your work.  Choosing the right ceiling style for the room is as important as every other element of the room design.  The ceiling style you choose, and the way you finish it with moldings or color, can make your room look larger or smaller, rustic or elegant, and everything between.


The factors that help you define the type of ceiling that is the best fit for your Dallas remodeled room are: the way you will use the room, the architectural style of your home, your decorating style, and the effect you want to create with the ceiling.


A steeply pitched ceiling follows the pitch of the roof.  This will result in a sloped ceiling that is lower on the side and very high on the other side or in the middle.  A pitched ceiling will make the room look and feel bigger. You can either finish it with drywall or you can leave the beams exposed. The beams can then be either stained or painted in the color of your choice.  There are a few things to consider with this type of ceiling. First, you might find that you use all of the space between the rafters and beams for insulation.  Exposed beam designs might mean that you have to add to the beams before the insulation is installed. Covering a pitched ceiling with drywall might require a professional. Because of the number of seams and corners and the need for them to be exact, this can be a very slow and painstaking process.


A flat ceiling is the easiest to install in most cases.  You should find that you have plenty of room for good insulation above the ceiling. The pitch of your roof will probably dictate the height of your ceiling. Ordinarily, the higher the ceiling, the larger the room will look.  A flat ceiling can be built with drywall, metal (such as punched tin), wood or acoustical panels (such as are used in a drop ceiling).  If you want easy access to the space above the ceiling through the room you are remodeling, a drop ceiling might be the best choice. Panels that drop into the frame are available in a number of colors and designs.  Copper and tin panels are popular again for some ceilings. This will probably cost more than a simple drywall ceiling.


Another very popular ceiling option is a tray ceiling. Although the ceiling will basically be flat, the levels of the tray use the extra space above the ceiling to create one or two (sometimes even three) more levels of height in the center. This will make the room seem larger and it can add a touch of elegance.  There is a challenge in drywall installation and cutting to make sure all of the seams, corners and lines are straight.  A number of effects can be created with different ways of painting the various tray levels.


Finally, finish off your ceiling with crown moldings. This trim placed where the ceiling meets the wall will make the room look more finished and elegant. Natural or stained wood crown molding can enhance an exposed beam ceiling, too.


Think about the way you will use the room, the style of your home, and your personal decorating taste when you choose your ceiling style. Don’t forget to finish it off with some striking crown molding.  You’ll love the result.

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