Remodeling Tips For Transforming A Bedroom Into A Home Office

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transforming a bedroom into a home officeIf you are like so many others who spend some time working from home, there are ways you can remodel the space or add a room to make your home work-life more enjoyable.

One of the hardest things about working at home is being exposed to all sorts of distractions. And let’s face it, even if nobody’s home the home environment is often cluttered and distracting in an of itself.

Keeping a tidy workspace is of paramount importance in a home office. This means you need a place to store and organize any clutter. You also need the space to spread files and projects out when you need to. One of the best tips we can give you is to ensure you design the space to suit you as an individual and go for lots of built-ins.

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Design Your Own Desk Space

It’s important that you have the right shape and size desk for the space. It’s also important that you allow for clearance room to comfortably get to and use the desk.

Not every person finds it comfortable to work at a desk of standard height. Do you? If you are shorter, you’ll need to lower the chair and use the keyboard with your elbows up too high. If you raise the chair, your leg circulation gets cut off. If you’re too tall, you sit hunched over all day or you find yourself with your knees crashing into the desk.

Make sure you have an office desk that fits your height and work style. A corner desk may not be right for you, or you may need an adjustable desk you can stand or sit at. Remember, the space should fit you as an individual if it’s going to be comfortable and useful. It makes no sense to have an office space that’s difficult to use because it only hinders your work.

Don’t Forget The Desk Hutch

When designing your home office, include some upper cabinets to serve as a desk hutch. Hutches are generally attached to the desk, so we use the term loosely. An attached hutch can be in the way if you need to set monitors on the desk whereas cabinets can be installed up higher.

Wall cabinets with doors help you tuck clutter out of the way and store items for irregular use. They can also be designed to include shelving and can be placed anywhere you need them in your home office.

Built-In Storage Is The Right Idea

Most bedrooms that are converted into a home office aren’t very large, so built-in features are highly important. Clutter is never something you want to deal with in a smaller space, so be sure you have shelving and cabinetry built in to store the items you use everyday and others you don’t use frequently.

  • Custom built-in desks with file cabinets
  • Built-in wall shelving
  • Book storage shelves
  • Custom closet systems
  • Inset display shelving
  • Wall cabinetry

Construct A Built-In Entertainment Center

A home office entertainment center can house the large-screen TV and the sound system. It can also house your modem, router, and home networking equipment.

When you have a home office space or remodeled for you, you can have the desk, cabinets, and entertainment center custom made to match. These key elements can really tie a room together. Be sure you don’t make the entire room made of the same wood or style. Choose different wood types and styles when picking out conference tables, end tables, and other furnishings.

Home Office Flooring Choices

You’ll need to be sure that you have a floor that is easy to use a rolling chair on. We suggest replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with hard floors. A sturdy luxury vinyl is probably the best option, with vinyl composition tile as the next but bamboo wood floors are also extremely durable.

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