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TX Kitchen Remodeling Made EasyOne of the ways you can save money when you remodel your kitchen is in keeping and using the same cabinets.  Replacing the cabinetry is one of the major costs in remodeling kitchens, and by using the same ones, you will save a lot on the project.

When choosing countertops, flooring, wall color, or other design choices during a kitchen remodeling project, people generally do not know that they should use the cabinets as the main design element.  The remaining choices should be based upon what will go with the cabinetry.

If the cabinets don’t look good with the countertops, floor, and walls, you will end up with a design that’s simply wrong.  The original choices that were made for the kitchen could be the whole reason you aren’t happy with the way your kitchen looks, and just by adjusting a few things you could go from ugly to having an extremely appealing look.

When homes are first built, the design choices are either made universally by the builder or by the original home purchaser who is having the home built specifically to their tastes.

Unfortunately, with the builder’s choice design the kitchen can end up looking very bland and unappealing, and with first home owners you usually get a design that is obviously done by someone very inexperienced and the design is very personal.  These are the most common reasons people are not happy with their current kitchens.

When choosing your new kitchen design, be sure it matches your current cabinetry and you won’t have such a hard time with your other choices.

Any time you need assistance, our professional designers are here to help you, just keep that in mind.


Laminate countertops are generally the least expensive countertop to install.  The can be plain looking, so be careful that they look nice and are a rich color that goes with your cabinetry.  There are many options in laminates, including the granite look.

Although the look of your new surfaces matter a great deal, just be sure you are staying within your original budget.  There may be a countertop you already want, but if the material is too expensive, you will be cutting costs in another area that may not be so good to cut costs, such as the performance of appliances or flooring you choose.

You may find it very difficult to make your design choices.  Some people find this process very easy, but most of us struggle through it.

We want your kitchen remodeling experience to be fun and exciting, not troubling and stressful.  That’s why we offer design services for our customers.  If you have trouble with design, we will help you through every step of the way.

In fact, most of our customers appreciate our design services when remodeling their homes.  Especially in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms because there are also so many choices to be made in appliances and in the layout of the design, where the appliances are placed in the room

Be sure you work with professionals when you have your kitchen remodeled.  You will want to be sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible and that it is done right the first time.  You will want to hire a company that is trustworthy and honest.

We hope you will consider Silverleaf Construction for your kitchen remodeling needs.  We service the DFW area, The Colony, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.  We are a full service builder and can handle all aspects of your remodeling project.


If you are looking for a Dallas, Fort Worth remodeling contractor then please call 214-789-4516 or complete our online request form.

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