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Dallas Green Bathroom Remodeling

The green remodeling movement is well underway. Because the market is so expansive now, green remodeling projects are easier than ever. There are a wide variety of materials and product designs specifically intended to be used in green remodeling projects. This large supply has made green remodeling projects more fun and cheaper than ever.

One of the easiest rooms to remodel in an environmentally conscious fashion is your bathroom. Your next bathroom remodeling project is the perfect place to start in your green home redesign. Important to remember, green remodeling projects are great because they reduce your family’s environmental impact, but even better, they reduce your monthly expenses by lowering your monthly utility bills.

The bathroom remodeling experts at [company_name] can help you with all the stages of your Dallas bathroom remodeling project. They have the design expertise to help you get the great looking bathroom that you want. They have the knowledge about materials you need to feel confident about the quality of your bathroom remodeling project. Lastly, they have the experience with green bathroom remodeling to help you achieve the eco-friendly Dallas bathroom you are looking for.

The following are just a couple ideas to have in mind when you remodel your Dallas bathroom in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

Conserve Water in your Bathroom Remodeling Project

The largest environmental impact that our bathroom has come in the form of water consumption. Luckily, there are two extremely easy ways that you can reduce water consumption through your Dallas bathroom remodeling project.

The largest user of water in your Dallas bathroom is your toilet. Some experts estimate that the toilet accounts for over a quarter of the average American household’s yearly water consumption. The bathroom remodeling experts at [company_name] know a simple way to drastically reduce this water waste.

By installing a dual flush toilet system in your Dallas bathroom, you can substantially reduce water consumption. A dual flush toilet gives you the ability to choose between a low volume of water and a high volume of water per flush. By using the low volume option for smaller flushing tasks, your Dallas household can conserve up to 17,000 gallons of water per year. This is a substantial help to the environment and a substantial savings on your monthly utility bill.

The second largest user of water in your Dallas bathroom is your shower. Just like with your toilet, there is a simple solution to reduce the volume of water used by your shower. The bathroom remodeling experts at [company_name] can install a low-volume showerhead that will substantially reduce your Dallas bathroom’s water consumption.

If you are the type of person that needs a full powered shower experience, you could consider installing a shower head that allows you to shut off the water flow during times when you are not using it. For example, you can save a great deal of water by shutting off the water flow when you are using soap or shampoo.

The above tips are just two simple solutions that can be overlooked without the help of a professional bathroom remodeling expert. The bathroom remodeling team at [company_name] can help you with all of the major decisions when it comes to going green in your Dallas bathroom. They guarantee that you will love your bathroom’s new look as well as the resulting savings on your utility bills.

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