Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Choosing the Perfect Sink

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Fort Worth bathroom remodelWhen you’re planning your bathroom remodeling project, one of the major considerations will be what type of sink you want to install in your Fort Worth home. The sink is a key component of any bathroom, and there are several different styles and materials to choose from. Your choice of bathroom sink will probably result from a combination of your stylistic and décor preferences, and practical and space-saving considerations.


Bathroom Sink Styles

There are several common types of sinks, most of which are often installed during bathroom remodeling. Some of the styles you may consider include:

  • Wall mounted sinks. This style is attacked to the wall, with empty space underneath. They’re a great choice for bathroom remodeling projects where you’re working with a small space like a half-bath.
  • Pedestal sinks, another good option for small bathrooms, are similar to a wall-mounted sink. However, they have a pedestal underneath. Pedestal sinks are available in many colors, materials, and styles, from ornate neoclassical pillar designs to sleek, modern stainless steal models.
  • Top-mount sinks are placed into the cut-out on top of a counter or vanity. Some models can be installed on tile countertops so that the top is flush with the counter, creating a seamless surface.
  • Undermount sinks attach underneath the counter, another option that creates a smooth and uninterrupted surface.
  • Vessel sinks have become increasingly popular recently with homeowners in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. They’re made to look like a bowl or bucket, from sleek modern styles to rustic sinks that look like an old-fashioned metal bucket. Vessel sinks are a fun design choice that can create an interesting focal point in the room.


Materials for Your Bathroom Sink

Another bathroom remodeling consideration is what type of material you’d like your sink to be constructed from. Although your choice will probably be influenced by aesthetic design and décor choices, sinks constructed from different materials also differ in their practical benefits.

  • Cast iron sinks are frequently coated with enamel. Although cast iron is very durable, these sinks are also heavy, so the counter or vanity beneath them needs to be strong enough to hold them up. The enamel coating helps to protect the sink from rust.
  • China, fireclay, and porcelain sinks are made of clay ceramic material. They’re popular with homeowners because they’re affordable, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Glass is a popular material for vessel sinks. Tempered glass is highly resistant to cracking and shattering, but hard water can leave spots.
  • Metal sinks are generally made from brass, copper, or stainless steel, and often work well with a sleek modern aesthetic.
  • Stone sinks, often vessel style sinks, are a beautiful and unique choice for bathroom remodeling.
  • Concrete sinks are quite heavy, but available in many colors.


Whichever type and material of sink you choose for your newly remodeled bathroom, you’ll have many choices for colors and finishes that work perfectly with your decorative taste. Whether you prefer sleek modern lines or traditional elegance, and whether you’re working with a spacious master bathroom or a tiny powder room, you can find the perfect sink to complete the room.

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