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When it comes to painting with color and decorating, there are basically two kinds of people -those who do and those who don’t. Color can be a vibrant sour of energy in a room or it can be a dizzying distraction. That’s why so many people fear to choose paint colors for their home. But you don’t have to be afraid to try color and you don’t have to dive in too deep to try it in your home.

Our Dallas/Fort Worth remodeling specialists at Silverleaf Construction have a few simple tips and tricks to help the faint of heart delve into painting with color. Try a few and before you know it, your home’s design could be the envy of the neighborhood.

Paint Colors Will Set The Mood

Perhaps you think that you don’t like big splashes of color. Or perhaps there are specific colors that you don’t like. This is because the paint colors you choose will set the mood of the room. Color has a huge impact on mood, so it’s important to choose those which set the right tone for the space.

One of the keys is finding what paint colors you don’t like. As you go about your daily routine at work, shopping, running errands, going to the doctor, etc, pay attention to the way you feel about the environments you are in. Does this room make you feel relaxed and soothed or is it so bland it makes you feel a little grossed out? Does that splash of orange really do something for you? Does the pretty moss green at the deli reach out to you?

You may find that you are a huge fan of certain paint colors once you figure out which ones move you. After figuring out what colors you actually like, think about where you can apply them in your home when painting it.

Ask yourself what type of atmosphere you would like to create in the room to be painted. Do you want the bedroom to be a place of romance rather than relaxation? Bolder colors in deep or vibrant red tones give off a romantic vibe while soothing blues, purples, and darker colors would help soothe you to sleep.

Cool or Warm Tones When Painting With Color?

If you have smooth floors and no wall-to-wall carpeting in the home, the room will already be a touch cool. Using throw rugs and plush pillows would up the room. Equally, using paint colors with undertones of red, amber, or orange will warm up the space. Whereas using paints with blue, green, and yellow undertones will keep it cool.

You can offset brighter colors with muted tones like beige or taupe. And darker browns or charcoal gray will tie together and emphasize the other colors. The eye tends to look for balance in good design. Painting with color is a great way to provide that.

Combining Paint Colors With Accessories

If you are just not ready to take the plunge by splashing a nice crimson paint to accent your walls, try to add some color by using accessories. A pop of color in a picture, couch pillows, a fabric chair, or the kitchen countertops could be just what you need to liven up the warm gray paint colors and cream carpeting. Using color for accent and emphasis instead of painting it on the walls is a great way to experiment with color because it doesn’t require the longer-term commitment that painting would.

Pillows, vases, throws, and art are all great ways to dash color across the room. And because they’re accessories, you can move them around so as to achieve the balance the eye is so fond of. So now you’re armed with the tools you need. Get out there and color your space. You’ll be glad you did. Silverleaf Construction would be glad to help you choose your paint colors and apply them for you.

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