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Fort Worth copper gutters are an excellent product to add to the exterior of a residential property. The benefits of these products fall into primarily three categories; Sustainable eco friendly building material, cosmetic enhancement value, and low maintenance during product lifecycle.

Fort Worth Copper Gutters Are Sustainable

In our environmentally aware, eco friendly approach to building projects today; nothing represents that more than a Fort Worth copper gutter system. These systems are the most sustainable of any material. First the lifespan is estimated to be 100-300 plus years, minimum. Any material waste from the installation can easily be recycled at a fair return rate on the original monetary investment.

Approximately 80% of all copper ever used remains in use today; and on average about 40% of the copper used annually have been recycled from prior uses. During the recycling process, only around 15% of the energy that would be used to mine and produce from the raw state is required, helping to reduce the amount of fuels and harmful emissions that result from manufacturing raw materials into new metal gutters.

Your Home Looks Better With Fort Worth Copper Gutters

Fort Worth copper gutters are an attractive, rich addition to the exterior of a structure. They will add value and curb appeal to your residence forever. Over time, the appearance of the finish will take on beautiful light green highlights from oxidation of the metal over a long period of exposure to weather elements. This effect is referred to as the patina of the metal and is combined with the bronzing of the natural copper.

Architects, designers and home owners want to achieve this look and view it as a considerable asset to the property. If your preference is to slow this process down and keep the original color as long as possible; that can easily be achieved by pre-treating the metal chemically to preserve the natural appearance. Either way their installation delivers an exclusive enhancement to any home!

Copper is an excellent product to work with to achieve any customized shapes and configurations. It can be easily shaped by hand or mechanically with tools or machinery specifically designed for these purposes. This work can be done on the job site or in a shop/factory location. One can realistically attain any three dimensional shape to incorporate highly detailed requirements and complicated curvatures in the flow of the gutter system design.

Fort Worth Copper Gutters Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Gutters made from copper require no maintenance on the raw metal and very little on the installed product, if a quality installation has been completed. No painting, sanding or other surface treatments are ever required, unlike the other materials that can be used for gutters. As noted earlier the lifespan is in the hundreds of years!

These items are lightweight and place virtually no stress on the structure that they are attached to and have a low level of expansion and contraction due to extreme temperature changes. This means there is less chance for cracking and leakage in seamed areas.

Due to its natural resistance to corrosion, Fort Worth copper gutters are extremely durable under any conditions and will never have problems with underside corrosive decay like many other metal constructed products.

As you can absorb, the value added to your building structure is significant! Always take care in utilizing the proper implementation process and materials when installing these items.

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