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Besides the convenience of not being dripped on, gutters and downspouts provide a useful and important function for the maintenance of your home. By channeling rain water to a central downspout and thereby away from your foundation, gutters help to prevent a slow but steady accumulation of moisture around the perimeter of your house. Over time, this can lead to foundation problems, leaks, or wood rot. If you were on the fence about installing gutters, remember that they provide added value to your home in more ways that one.

If you are installing Dallas gutters for the first time or performing gutter repairs, there are a few things to be aware of before you begin shopping. Gutters come in several varieties and materials. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Maintaining gutters is one issue, then there are cost and aesthetic appeal to consider. Let us address each material in turn.

Steel gutters are the strongest available and will basically last forever. They will cost extra up front, but may provide the best value over time. Be aware that coating steel gutters is a good idea in order to prevent rust. Most installers are happy to talk over the options with you. Quality steel gutters will cost between $8-$10 per linear foot professionally installed.

Copper gutters are only slightly less strong, though they can be expensive to install (anywhere from $10-$25 per foot). Many people choose copper for its visual appeal, as it can add a nice gold or patina piping to your home design. These should also be coated to insure long life.

Aluminum is a cheap install option and will work perfectly fine for several years. Eventually however, these are bound to show wear and tear from falling limbs, heavy snowstorms, or a host of other factors, and will need to be repaired or replaced. Installation plus materials will run between $4-$8 per foot.

The last types of gutter commonly installed are vinyl gutters. These are the cheapest to install, come in a variety of colors, and last because of their flexibility. The drawback is that they are not very strong and may suffer from extreme heat or cold. Like aluminum gutters, they will work great until one day when they do not anymore. Then they will need to be replaced, budget between $3-$6 per linear foot.

If your house has no Fort Worth gutters or if the existing ones are showing signs of leakage or are pulling away from the house in places, do not let the problem get worse. Whichever gutter you choose to install will add value to your home and prevent future maintenance issues.

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